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Steel V2 +2HFD

Cybertron Mission V3 +3HD

Protector II +8HD

Annihilator +5DH

Pakacuda +2DH


2015-10-21 Midnight Resistance has been released on the Back to the Fututre day... This is a re-release of the game previously already released by us. This time we do a proper release though with 8 trainers, High Score saving and full NTSC support. The same version was released 3 year ago for EasyFlash, but - a promise is a promise. Enjoy! 
2015-06-27 Ghosts'n Goblins & Commando Arcade EashyFlash Compilation has just been released. Now you can finally put both of our 'remakes' on one cartridge or on just one slot on the EasyFlash3! No more wasting precious space... oh the joys of modern computing, making all this possible. 
2015-06-21 #261 (Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade and Ghosts'n Goblins Arcade EasyFlash) Yes, we did it. Finally we released the one game everyone is waiting for (well, at least everyone has been waiting for until they saw the Sam's Voyage previews, damn you to hell). Joking aside, we worked our asses on this for months, almost years. Steve almost booked a flight with the Emirates (because they are the only ones allowing knives over the size of 10cm on board) to come here and do me in... :) But here it is... enjoy!
2015-03-21 #260 (Commando Arcade SE and Commando Arcade SE EasyFlash) is in the news today. What is that you say? It's a *SPECIAL EDITION* of our previous Commando Arcade release. This time the fabolous STE'86 redid *ALL* graphics. That's right - all levels have new stuff drawn. With all the new palm trees you will feel like you really got chop-dropped on to the beach! Top shit I tell ya. There are also a few surprises here and there, but we won't tell!
2014-07-12 . . . the saga continues with nostalgia's latest release . . . #259 (Tusker) ... Put on your Indiana Jones hat and start whipping that whip with Erhan's latest crack and finally with a version that has all the bugs squashed. Enjoy ! Also there is an EasyFlash version for your enjoyment.

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Our loader has been fixed for both PAL and NTSC machines, and is compatible with a lot of different drives and devices.
To find out if a game works for you, check the loader info on the release page.

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