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Recent Releases
Steel V2 +2HFD

Cybertron Mission V3 +3HD

Protector II +8HD

Annihilator +5DH

Pakacuda +2DH


Here you can find a list of all our current and former members.

Handle Jobs Country Status
6R6 Coder, Organizer Norway Active
Comos Coder, Cracker, Hardware guru, Tester Czech Republic Active
Dmantione Tester The Netherlands Active
Erhan Coder, Cracker, Tester Turkey Active
Fungus Coder, Cracker, NTSC Fixer, Original Supplier United States Active
Hurminator Tester United States Active
itsP Tester Unknown Active
Jedi Coder, Cracker Norway Active
S!R Coder, Cracker, NTSC Fixer Unknown Active
SLC Tester, Tool coder Norway Active
Sorex Coder, Cracker, Linker, NTSC Fixer, PC Tool Coder, Tester, Tool coder, Trainer Belgium Active
The Ignorance Cracker, Linker, NTSC Fixer, Original Supplier, Trainer Germany Active
The Keyboarder Cracker Unknown Active
Tom-Cat Coder, Cracker, Linker, NTSC Fixer, PC Tool Coder, Tester, Trainer Slovenia Active
Yoko Tv Inc. Original Supplier, Tester Germany Active
Antitrack Cracker Austria Inactive
Hellboy Document writer United States Inactive
Lemming Hardware guru, Tester Finland Inactive
Zyron Coder, Cracker Sweden Inactive
Alwyz Cracker, NTSC Fixer United States Ex-member
Animalo Coder, Original Supplier Germany Ex-member
Archmage Graphician, Original Supplier, Tester Norway Ex-member
B.A. Coder, Cracker, Graphician, Original Supplier, Swapper Austria Ex-member
Bob Cracker United Kingdom Ex-member
Dandee Graphician, Original Supplier, Swapper, Sys-OP Germany Ex-member
Danzig Coder, Cracker, NTSC Fixer, PAL Fixer Germany Ex-member
Didi Coder, Cracker Germany Ex-member
H-Bloxx Swapper Germany Ex-member
Harzak Graphician Sweden Ex-member
Honesty Cracker Germany Ex-member
Hornet Graphician, Original Supplier, Swapper Poland Ex-member
Janso Swapper Finland Ex-member
Ksubi Coder, Cracker, NTSC Fixer, PAL Fixer Australia Ex-member
Lupo Cracker Germany Ex-member
Mad Max Original Supplier United Kingdom Ex-member
Midfit Cracker Germany Ex-member
Murdock Coder, Cracker, Swapper Poland Ex-member
Paranoid Cracker United Kingdom Ex-member
Scare Cracker, Graphician, Sys-OP Germany Ex-member
Skyrider Cracker Poland Ex-member
Violator Swapper Germany Ex-member
Vizz Coder, NTSC Fixer Canada Ex-member
Walker Original Supplier, Swapper Sweden Ex-member
Zapotek Swapper Norway Ex-member
Mr. Alpha Cracker, Organizer, Original Supplier Austria Deceased
The Magic Roundabout Coder, Graphician United Kingdom Deceased