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1942 +8DFH

Robocop +8DFHIR [EasyFlash]

Robocop +8DFHIR

Robocop +8DFHIR [SD2IEC]

Turbo Charge +10DFHIR


2014-07-12 . . . the saga continues with nostalgia's latest release . . . #259 (Tusker) ... Put on your Indiana Jones hat and start whipping that whip with Erhan's latest crack and finally with a version that has all the bugs squashed. Enjoy ! Also there is an EasyFlash version for your enjoyment.
2014-06-09 #256 (Ooops!) saw the light of day today. It's an old but very enjoyable game. All thanks to the one on the keyboard... 
2014-06-09 #257 (Battle Chess EasyFlash) was released on this very day. Wanna see the pawns fight the queen? This time without waiting forever for them to actually walk to each other and start the fight? Then you have got to the right place - the resident knight S!R made this possible and you can now FIGHT in style!
2014-05-30 Today we welcome HURMINATOR into our midsts - he will be joining us as the essential part of the testing team! After contributing to the testing team for a such a long time it was only natural to welcome him as an official member.
2014-05-24 #258 (Commando Arcade and Commando Arcade EasyFlash) was released today. Yes - it is true. Nostalgia did something that noone else tried to do before - we improved one of the best games on C64 - COMMANDO. We added new levels (5 to be exact), we added new Animations, we actually re-coded a lot of the game to make it glitch-free, added new Sound options and tunes and we bug fixed the rest. This is now THE best home computer version of the game. Some would even say it is THE best version of the game PERIOD. Now go and play !

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Our loader has been fixed for both PAL and NTSC machines, and is compatible with a lot of different drives and devices.
To find out if a game works for you, check the loader info on the release page.

Many thanks to the following people for their help and support:
Doc Bacardi, Ninja, Soci and Krill