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Recent Releases
Steel V2 +2HFD

Cybertron Mission V3 +3HD

Protector II +8HD

Annihilator +5DH

Pakacuda +2DH



As February winds down and comes to a close another release is now available Scorpion +6DFH Enjoy this cult classic from Rack-it/Hewson, now on NTSC systems for the first time. 


February has slowed down a little, but here's a Valentine for you Murder On The Zinderneuf. There is much more love to spread so keep this tab open so you don't miss a thing. 


We're ushering in the new year with another batch of updated releases and a couple of new ones. Starting off is a very special release bringing years of work to a close Metal Gear, up next is Caverns Of Eriban V2, Fort Apocalypse V2, Arctic Fox V2, and finally closing out with Shamus, Shamus: Case II. More fun in the days to come, stay tuned! 


This Christmas Fungus has returned to the Nostalgia fold and provided many presents for your enjoyment. Lots of bug fix releases to start off, marking the beginning of an ongoing effort to fix up some of the older releases to our current standards. Cybertron Mission V2, Hard Hat Mack V2, Flying Shark V2, Bug Blaster V2, Knight Rider V2. Some new releases from him were also done to round out his efforts for the holiday season. Snokie, Zolyx, Cohen's Towers, Erhan also put a present into santa's magic bag Live and Let Die. And finally Comos had one more present to put under the tree with Defender of the Crown V2. More fun to come in the new year, until then! 

2016-06-07 Robocop, Xenophobe, Nightshade and Deja Vu & Uninvited easyflash have all been released while we were slacking and noone updated the homepage. All of them are great releases and worthy of your download. 

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Our loader has been fixed for both PAL and NTSC machines, and is compatible with a lot of different drives and devices.
To find out if a game works for you, check the loader info on the release page.

Many thanks to the following people for their help and support:
Doc Bacardi, Ninja, Soci and Krill