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Nostalgia ID : Unnumbered release
Title : FB1K V1.1 for SD2IEC
Status : Released
Release Date : 2019-05-09
System Type : PAL/NTSC
Publisher(s) : Nostalgia
Year of release : 2019
Trainers : None
Loader Info : FileLoad (Any drivetype?)
Credits : Coding : Erhan
Testing : Hurminator
Additional Info : fb1k is yet another filebrowser for SD2IEC (and compatible) devices,
including special version of sjload integrated. Latest nightly firmware
(sd2iec.de/nightlies) recommended with default configuration.


- Supports up to 1024 files in a directory/disk image.
- Can load PRG files: $0400 to $FFFF (Tested with 243 blocks AR freeze).
- Uses sjload both to load directory and selected file.
- Parent/Root directory access possible.
- Disables loading SEQ REL USR ... files in disk images.
- Disables loading files with .CRT .T64 and .SID extensions in directories.
- .D41 .D64 .D71 .D81 .DNP and .M2I extensions are handled as disk images.
- Remembers last position on INST DEL key pressed.
Download : Download (Downloads:178 Views:332)