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Nostalgia ID : Unnumbered release
Title : Regenerator 1.7 Multi System
Status : Released
Release Date : 2016-07-13
System Type : PAL/NTSC
Publisher(s) : Nostalgia
Year of release : 2016
Trainers : None
Loader Info : None (Singlefiled)
Credits : Coding : Tom-Cat
Additional Info : First Multiple systems release of Regenerator. This also means you can make your own configurations with different options for the same system.

Changes in version 1.7:
- Added Multiple System support. Each System has its own configuration file and all three txt files for labels, excludes and comments. When you save a file then also the selected System is saved with it. You can add your own Systems (with all three files) simply by creating a new directory in Config/Systems path and editing the files.
- The JMP/JSR comments are now added also on the address that they are pointing to (not just as side comments of the JMP/JSR opcode).
- Bug Fix: Immediate loads were replaced with labels if they were in range $00 - $ff.

Supported Systems:
- Commodore 128
- Commodore 1541 drive
- Commodore 64
- Commodore PET
- Commodore Plus/4 (264)
- Commodore VIC-20
- Apple II
- Atari 8bit
- BBC Micro
- Oric
Download : Download (Downloads:123 Views:291)