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Nostalgia ID : Unnumbered release
Title : Regenerator 1.6
Status : Released
Release Date : 2016-06-16
System Type : PAL/NTSC
Publisher(s) : Nostalgia
Year of release : 2016
Trainers : None
Loader Info : None (Singlefiled)
Credits : Coding : Tom-Cat
Additional Info : - Minor bug fixes with keyboard handling.
- The .WORD Lookup tables can now be generated for 'stack' lookups, if the 'Stack' checkbox is checked when it is created, which means each lookup pointer will be in format address-1.
- Added "Go To Reference Label" context menu option (and key shortcut 'G') which will get the label from the opcode on selected line and Go to that label in the list (if it is found).
- Added "Remove Parameter Label" context menu option with which you can remove the Parameter label of the opcode you have currently selected.
- Added "Add Hi/Lo Label" and "Add Lo/Hi Label" context menu options which let you define your own position where these labels are used. NOTE: You must select TWO lines of the code which will be converted to #< and #> type !
- Added "Jump To" button, context menu item and "J" key shortcut which lets you jump to a specific address in the disasembly.
Download : Download (Downloads:132 Views:198)