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Nostalgia ID : Unnumbered release
Title : Regenerator 1.5
Status : Released
Release Date : 2016-05-19
System Type : PAL/NTSC
Publisher(s) : Nostalgia
Year of release : 2016
Trainers : None
Loader Info : None (Singlefiled)
Credits : Coding : Tom-Cat
Additional Info : Whats new in version 1.5:

- Restructured the GUI so it fits on smaller screen. Also restructured the context menu (right click). Added buttons for Label, Parameter and Comment (Line and Side) creation.
- Added HI/LO and LO/HI LOOKUP tables. You need to select both tables (they need to be one after another) and then click the button to make this type of lookup table. You can also make tables that reference pointers-1 if "stack" checkbox is checked, this is for return values put on stack!
- Added LOAD OFFSET option and loading of .bin and .rom files which are pure binary files (you can rename any binary file to .bin or .rom and load it into Regenerator now). When it is loaded its Address will be $0000 but with the Offset: option you can change it to anything you want. Code Start and End will change accordingly... you can still use them that way.
- Added labels.txt file which includes predefined labels for C64 Kernal routines. You can edit this file and change/add new labels as you
Download : Download (Downloads:88 Views:132)