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Nostalgia ID : Unnumbered release
Title : Regenerator 1.3
Status : Released
Release Date : 2013-06-05
System Type : PAL/NTSC
Publisher(s) : Nostalgia
Year of release : 2013
Trainers : None
Loader Info : None (Singlefiled)
Credits : 
Download : Download (Downloads:1084 Views:3937)

                           REGENERATOR 1.3
Welcome to Regenerator - an interactive disassemble for C64 binaries.
Regenerator will load any standard C64 .PRG file (or VICE snapshot)and
disassemble it for your convenience. There are a few options you can
choose to change the output and a few tools to make the output look
better and more useful to programmers. There are a few tools like this
one out there but we thought none are really simple to use and up to the
task, really. :)

Oh, and you will need .net 3.5 (or 4.0) runtime. Download from the
Microsoft place.

Regenerator makes files compatible with 64tass. The output should be
directly compilable by that assembler. However you might need to uncheck
the "Use Illegal Opcodes" option since 64tass chokes on illegal opcodes.