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Re: Dedicated Game Testers Wanted

Postby zaphod77 » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:06 am

I'm fairly sharp on testing and have recently acquired some real hardware again.

My hardware

NTSC c64 breadbin (i think it's an R3)
1541 newtronics disk drive.
NTSC 1702 monitor
SD2IEC device. I believe it to have latest firmware. Dreamload, for example is supported on it fine.

i do NOT have spare disks for working with though yet. Those are hard to find.

While i can't promise i can beat every game untrained, i've beaten a number of them back in the day. I'm also good at spotting trainer errors.

I mainly want to use the sd2iec, as it's rather convenient. :)

I am definitely a real person. with a real working NTSC c64. i notice a lot of releases aren't well tested on NTSC devices. When the original game is NTSC, i'm familiar with it, and can spot stuff that would be missed. Far too often people crack a pal import instead of going to the original NTSC game, which makes a number of supposed 101% releases.. somewhat less than that. Any release that actually says "SYNSOFT" should be slapped, because its' a import, and should have said "SYNAPSE" instead. Some of them are even frozen, recracked, and novaload mastered. (hello, blue max)

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